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We are here to offer you valuable pieces of artistic furniture created, built, carved and painted by Romanian artist Cristian Hermeziu.

We created this virtual space so that the artist can share with you the gifts he received. Cristian inherited love for wood and artistic talent from his grandparents. The woods of the Carpathian Mountains have given Cristian interesting essences which, with his creativity, gave them the shape and colour of the wonderful pieces of unique artistic furniture that you can find here.

Each piece of artistic furniture created by Cristian is unique and so is the story behind it, as the artist likes to say "Every piece of wood has a story waiting to be uncovered. ". From drawing to accomplishment, Cristian embeds a part of his soul in every piece of art that he creates, to give his own life and to resonate with the being of the one that will hold the work.

The themes that Cristian approaches are inspired by nature, mythology, from the mystery of ancient symbols and tales of ancient civilizations. Often, the theme is suggested by those who want custom furniture and then, the artist leaves his inspiration fill the wood and resonate with the owner's artistic sense.

We invite you on a real virtual journey in which the pieces of artistic furniture made of solid wood, carved and painted, all hand-crafted by Romanian artist Cristian Hermeziu, are at your disposal waiting to be discovered!
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"Every piece of wood has a story waiting to be uncovered.”
Cristian Hermeziu – Artist
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