Delivery Information

Delivery information

Once the online order has been made and the customer has paid the full value of the requested product, Herse Deco SRL has a period of 3-7 working days in order to prepare the package for delivery and to give it to the courier.

After the parcel has been handed over to the courier, the customer will be notified by e-mail about the estimated delivery time. The delivery period flows from the moment of surrender of the parcel to the courier. Usually, the products in the store have two delivery modes: -standard delivery, with an estimated delivery period of 5-10 working days in Romania and 10-20 working days outside Romania. -Fast delivery, with an estimated delivery period of 1-5 working days on the territory of Romania and 5-10 working days outside Romania.

Before the final payment is made, the customer is invited to choose one of the two modes of delivery.

Large-scale products can only be delivered within the European Union and only by fast delivery.

The customer has the obligation to ensure that, on the date of delivery, there are persons designated to receive the products, otherwise to bear the costs incurred by Herse Deco SRL for transporting them round-trip. A re-dispatch of the goods will be made only after the customer pays the cost of the transport already made and the one which will be re-effected.

Herse Deco SRL will deliver to the customer the products ordered online, according to the option in the order launched and subsequently confirmed by Herse Deco SRL.

Until the full price is collected, Herse Deco SRL has the right to suspend the delivery deadline.

If Herse Deco SRL receives erroneous information regarding the billing or delivery of the products, Herse Deco SRL may refuse to honour the delivery, without this being considered a breach of contract, or may set a new term of honouring the order.

Herse Deco SRL will give special care to the packaging of products so that they are protected during transport.

Herse Deco SRL will transmit accompanying documents of the products.

Customers have the obligation to ensure that the products fit on the access doors and where they will be positioned.

In the event that Herse Deco SRL cannot execute the contract because the product or service is not/is no longer available, it will inform the customer of this unavailability as soon as possible, following that the sums of money paid by the customer for the product or service that not available to be refunded within a maximum of 14 days.

If the delivery deadlines cannot be complied with, Herse Deco SRL will notify the customer of the estimated deadline for completion of delivery.