About Us

Welcome to CristherArt - Exquisite furniture for elegant spaces

Herse Deco SRL was founded from the year 2015 by the plastic artist Cristian Hermeziu, from the desire to materialize his artistic creations in captivating pieces of furniture, made under the CristherArt brand.

CristherArt Artistic furniture is Cristian's newest project, which comes as a natural evolution after perfecting the technique of making mural sculptures, being an answer to the desires of customers who want to be surrounded by unique art objects which also have practical utility. The range of products made by Herse Deco SRL comprises small pieces of artistic furniture with decorative and practical role, such as: coffee tables, chairs, shelves for books, benches, pegs. These products can be found in our online store or you can make an order in case you want something specially created for you. This type of furniture finds its place in already furnished spaces, becoming the central part of the room. Also, Herse Deco SRL can create and realise the furniture and decoration of an entire room at home, office or business, in the theme you want and in the style of CristherArt.

All pieces of furniture made under the CristherArt brand are worked in solid wood and are finished with quality materials. At the realization of each piece, from the moment of design to the end, Herse Deco gives special attention to the quality and sustainability of its products. The attention paid to the details and the original design makes these creations pass the test of time and become true collectible pieces, even investment items. Herse Deco SRL offers for the furniture pieces delivered a warranty of 2 years minimum and the remedy of any defects occurring during this period or replacement of the product.
We offer furniture pieces specially designed for you, we invite you to contact us.