Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

Before using the SITE www.cristherart.com and before ordering, please read carefully our TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

Using this website and placing online orders means your acceptance of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS mentioned below.

Before you make an order, if you have any questions, please write us at office@cristherart.com

This website (hereinafter called "SITE ") is administered by HERSE DECO SRL, (hereinafter referred to as "the COMPANY", with its registered office in Pinului (Pine) Street, no. 18 Baltata village, Sarata Commune, Bacau County, Romania, registered at the Trade Register of the Bacau court under No. J 4/771/2015 and having: CIF 34820560, Phone: 0040 740 555 7676, 0040 744 227 801, account RO69 CARP 0040 0098 6435 RO02 opened at Patria Bank Bacau, share capital: 200 lei.

Online Store Customer Work Program: Monday to Friday between 09.00 and 17.00, except for legal holidays, unless otherwise stated on SITE.

In this document, the following terms will have, if the context does not indicate otherwise, the meanings specified below.

CUSTOMER: Represents the person accessing the website, for private or professional purposes, and who has accepted the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of use of this SITE, fulfilling all the requirements of the registration process, which initiates and completes an order.

ORDER: Represents an electronic document, generated as a result of accessing the site by a customer, through which the CLIENT communicates to the COMPANY his intention to purchase goods and services on the site.

CONTRACT: Represents an order confirmed by the COMPANY, whereby the COMPANY agrees to deliver to the customer products and services, at the prices, characteristics and delivery deadlines specified in the order confirmation, and the customer agrees to make the payment according to these TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

PERSONAL DATA-any information concerning an identified or identifiable natural person ("the data subject"); In principle, are considered personal data: the name and surname of the person, domicile, email address, CNP –personal identification number, phone number, customer identification codes/online identifier, location data, etc.

USER: Represents the person accessing the site, for private or professional purposes, who has registered in the specified form and who has accepted the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of this SITE.

SITE: Web pages belonging to HERSE DECO SRL, located at the address www.cristherart.com, through which the USER has access to information about the services and products offered/provided by HERSE DECO SRL. This site includes: texts, images, databases, products, logos, software, offers and any kind of information, advertisements, etc., which contains the "content " of www.cristherart.com which is entirely the property of HERSE DECO SRL. This site complies with the cookie policy.

ABUSIVE USE: Represents the use of the SITE in a manner contrary to the practice, regulations and legislation in force or in any other way that may cause harm to the COMPANY.

I. LIMITS OF THE LIABILITY OF HERSE DECO SRL The COMPANY shall endeavour to maintain the correctness of the information displayed on the SITE. However, in view of possible errors in this information, the COMPANY specifies the following:

. The colours of the products presented in the photos on the site may differ from the colours of the original products due to the USER's monitor resolution, due to the process of shooting and photo processing. We strive for the image presented on the site to be as accurate as the physical characteristics of the products.

. The site may contain links to other sites. In such cases, the COMPANY is not responsible for the privacy policy practiced by them as well as any other information mentioned on these sites.

HERSE DECO SRL is not and cannot be held responsible for the damage caused by errors, inaccuracies or non-updating of the information published or maintained on the SITE, which is not due to its fault. Users can find detailed, complete and accurate information by contacting the COMPANY by telephone or email.

. Promotions/offers present on the SITE are always valid, only within the stock limit available. Promotions are valid for limited periods of time and/or within the limits of available stocks.

. The maximum value of the COMPANY's obligations towards any customer in the case of non-delivery or improper deliveries is the amount of the value collected by the COMPANY from that customer.

HERSE DECO S.R.L. reserves the right to complete and amend any information on the SITE.

HERSE DECO S.R.L. shall not be liable for any loss, costs, processes, claims, expenses or other liability, if they are directly caused by non-compliance with the TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

HERSE DECO S.R.L. shall not be liable for any damage caused by failure to function or as a result of the modification, suspension or interruption of services available through the Site, as well as those resulting from the impossibility to access certain links published on the SITE.

If the USER or CLIENT disagrees and/or does not accept and/or revoke his/her acceptance of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of use of the site, withdraw the access to the service/services provided by HERSE DECO S.R.L. through the website, including receipt of newsletters and/or communications from HERSE DECO S.R.L., of any nature (electronic, telephone, etc., without any subsequent obligation of any party to the other or without any party being able to claim the other damages).

The CLIENT/USER may return at any time to his decision to agree and/or accept the TERMS AND CONDITIONS in the form in which they will be available at that time. The customer cannot revoke the agreement expressed in favour of compliance with the TERMS AND CONDITIONS during the period of a Contract/Agreement, or until the time when he will not pay the consideration of all outstanding contracts made with HERSE DECO S.R.L.

HERSE DECO S.R.L. reserves the right to amend or modify or interrupt, temporarily or permanently, partially or wholly, the services made available through this Site, with or without prior notice.

HERSE DECO S.R.L. reserves the right to enter advertising materials of any nature and/or links on any page of the Site, in compliance with the legislation in force.

HERSE DECO S.R.L. does not provide a guarantee to users that the information contained in the site will meet all USER requirements, as the computer services on which the site function is based will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free, the quality of any information obtained through the site will satisfy all the requirements of the users, any error of the program will be corrected, as well as any other similar aspects.

Except for the legal obligation of guarantee, HERSE DECO S.R.L. does not offer any direct or indirect warranties such as: the service/product will be in accordance with the requirements of the customer, the service/product will be uninterrupted, safe or error-free, the products/ services obtained free of charge or contracted through the service will correspond to the requirements or expectations of the customer.

For the sections of the site that may include USERs ' posts, the responsibility for the content of these posts rests entirely with their authors. HERSE DECO S. R. L. reserves the right not to disclose those posts that are contrary to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of use or which they consider harmful, in any form, to its own image, to its customers, to its partners or to third parties.

HERSE DECO S.R.L. does not in any way guarantee that documents, files or any other data packages that are contained or related to this site do not contain viruses and will have no responsibility for any actual or future damage caused by or through this site. Consequently, for its protection, any USER of this site must use an antivirus program when using the site.


THE CONTENT OF THE SITE, including but not limited to logos, design, stylized representations, commercial symbols, static images, dynamic images, text and/or multimedia content presented on the site, is the exclusive property of HERSE DECO S.R.L., which has reservation for all rights obtained in this purpose directly or indirectly (through licenses of use and/or publication).

.THE CUSTOMER/VISITOR/USER is not allowed to copy, distribute, publish, transfer to third parties, modify and/or otherwise alter, use, link to, exposure, incorporate any content in any other context than the original intended by HERSE DECO S.R.L., the inclusion of any content outside the HERSE DECO S.R.L. website, the removal of the markings that signify the copyright of HERSE DECO S.R.L. content as well as the participation in the transfer, sale, distribution of materials made by reproduction, modification or display of the content, except with the express consent of HERSE DECO S.R.L.

THE CUSTOMER/USER may copy, transfer and/or use the content only for personal or non-commercial purposes only if they do not conflict with the provisions of these "TERMS AND CONDITIONS".

Reproduction, copying, multiplication, selling, reselling or exploitation of existing information and images on the site or part thereof, access or use of the information provided by HERSE DECO S.R.L. via the site, in a way that violates Romanian or international law on copyright and intellectual property may result in civil or criminal liability for such actions.

Any use of the Content for purposes other than those expressly permitted by these "TERMS AND CONDITIONS", or the user agreement accompanying it, is forbidden.

By accessing the site, users consent to comply with the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS as well as the applicable legislation, all intellectual property rights of HERSE DECO S.R.L..


1. Access to the service

1.1 The access to the service is allowed to any user who possesses or creates an account on the site.

1.2. In order to be granted access to the service, the user should accept the provisions of these ``TERMS AND CONDITIONS``.

1.3. HERSE DECO S.R.L. reserves the right to limit the customer's access to the service and marketing campaigns (not to include him/her in the promotion and loyalty campaign, to allow him/her to order only with prepayment, etc.) as well as the right to cancel the orders already placed , in the following cases: placing and cancelling more than two orders by using the "Cancel Order" button or a notification sent to the email address office@cristherart.com using a tendentious language, violation of the Intellectual property rights, etc., the access and existence of the customer's account may in any way prejudice HERSE DECO S.R.L.. HERSE DECO S. R. L. reserves the right to exercise this at any time and it is not necessary to notify the customer/user in this way.

1.4. Each USER/CLIENT may only have one account. It is forbidden to share an account between multiple users/clients. If multiple clients are discovered, HERSE DECO S. R. L. reserves the right to cancel or suspend customer's access to content or service. If there are orders placed from suspended or cancelled accounts, they will be automatically cancelled.

1.5. HERSE DECO S.R.L. may refuse an order, following a prior notification addressed to the customer, without any obligation between the parties and without a party being able to claim damages, for the following situations:
1) 1.Failure/invalidity of the online transaction; 2) Non-acceptance by the issuing bank of the client card/transaction; 3) The provision of incomplete or incorrect data by the CLIENT; 4) Customer's activity may cause damage to the site www.cristherart.com, HERSE DECO S.R.L. and/or its partners; 5) The customer uses the service in a manner inconsistent with normal or good faith or exercises rights in order to harm or damage HERSE DECO S.R.L. or in an excessive and unreasonable manner, contrary to good faith; 6) Consecutive deliveries failed from customer's fault; 7) Other justified reasons (e.g.: placing and waiving unjustifiable to more than two orders within 30 days).

2.1. HERSE DECO S.R.L. may limit the capacity to purchase products or services available on the site at any given time to one or more clients for well-founded reasons.

2.2. All tariffs relating to the products or services presented on the site are expressed in LEI/EURO and include VAT (TVA).

2.3. Invoicing of purchased products is made in lei to customers in Romania and in euros to customers outside Romania, using the information provided by the customer in the intended form. HERSE DECO S.R.L. is not responsible for the correctness of the information provided by the customer for the invoice or the inability to deduct expenses due to incorrect information provided by the customer. Invoices are issued as follows: for payments made before the receipt of the goods and services, the advance invoice is issued and for payments made at the time of receipt of the products the final invoice is issued at the time of shipment to the customer (giving to Courier). For corrections (cancellations, returns), Storno invoices are issued. All invoices are issued and registered automatically and included in the tax reports. No corrections are accepted except those modifications of invoices made by the methods and legal deadlines.

2.4. Payment of products and/or services purchased through the service can only be made online by debit card and bank transfer.

2.5. In the case of online card payments, HERSE DECO S.R.L. is not/cannot be held responsible for any additional cost paid by the customer, including but not limited to the currency conversion fees applied by the issuing bank, if the currency of its issuance differs from RON. The responsibility for this action is only for the CLIENT.

2.6. The information from the sales events used for the description of the products, features and weight available on the site (static/dynamic images/multimedia presentations/links to other sites etc.) does not constitute a contractual obligation from HERSE DECO S.R.L., which are by way of presentation. HERSE DECO S.R.L. may withdraw a product offer or modify it at any time until the order is placed, without incurring any damages or other penalties to any potential client.

2.7. In the images of the products and/or services, HERSE DECO S.R.L. reserves the right to use other products (Accessories/etc.) that may not be included in the costs of the products and will not be delivered to the purchase of the products. In this case, it is expressly stated in the description of the products what item is for sale; they are also marked in the image.

2.8. In the unlikely event that HERSE DECO S.R.L. will not be able to honor some of the products, it will notify the CLIENT by email, giving him one of the alternatives:
a. Cancellation of the order or removal from the order of the product that can no longer be delivered
b. Receiving active credits on the site under certain conditions that will be used for purchasing products only on www.cristherart.com. 3. ONLINE ORDER
3.1. The CUSTOMER can make orders of products sold at a given time, exclusively on the site, the tenders being limited in time. The price displayed on the site at the time of the order will not change, being firm. HERSE DECO S.R.L. can change prices, offers, amounts according to the internal criteria (geographical location, stock availability, etc.) in accordance with the orders/contracts already placed. HERSE DECO S.R.L. cannot be obliged to keep a certain price for the orders already placed; Potential customers viewing offers, but not placing orders, cannot request a price/offer different from the one displayed on the site www.cristherart.com

3.2. By completing the order, the customer agrees that all the data provided by him, necessary for the purchase process, are correct, complete and true at the time of placing the order, named in this document ``the issued order``.

3.3. The distance contract is considered concluded by HERSE DECO S.R.L. when the order placed by the CLIENT is electronically confirmed by HERSE DECO S.R.L., following the reception of all products (quantitative and qualitative) of that order by HERSE DECO S.R.L.. Furthermore, before validating the customer's order and before delivering the products, HERSE DECO S.R.L. is entitled to contact the customer, by any means available/agreed by HERSE DECO S.R.L. (telephone or e-mail), to obtain personal confirmation of Customer's identification and delivery data. Customers accept that HERSE DECO S.R.L. cannot be forced to validate/deliver products to persons who have not confirmed the delivery and identification data.

3.4. HERSE DECO S.R.L. will terminate unilaterally and will automatically cancel the order made by the customer, even without prior notice to the customer, without any subsequent obligation of any party to the other or without any party being able to claim other damages in the following cases:

3.4.1. Non-acceptance by the issuing bank of customer's card, transaction, in case of online payment;

3.4.2. Invalidity of the transaction by the card processor agreed by HERSE DECO S.R.L., in case of online payment;

3.4.3. The data provided by the customer for delivery (address, contact data) on the site are incomplete or incorrect;

3.4.4. The CLIENT's activity on the site may and/or cause damages of any nature for HERSE DECO S.R.L. and/or its partners;

3.4.5. Making more than two consecutive failed deliveries;

3.4.6 Other objective reasons.

3.5. If the customer waives a prepayment order, through a confirmed bank transfer or through the online card payment solution and in which the issuing bank of the customer card has authorized the banking transaction, this amount will be refunded by HERSE DECO S.R.L. within 14 days from the date on which HERSE DECO S.R.L. has been aware of this fact.

3.6. If some products ordered by the customer through an order made with prepayment (via confirmed bank transfer or online card payment solution) are no longer available on stock for reasons independent of HERSE DECO S. R. L., HERSE DECO S.R.L. will inform the CLIENT of this fact as soon as it knows the unavailability and will order the reimbursement of the amounts paid in advance within a maximum of 14 days from the customer's notification.

3.7. A placed order cannot be changed

3.8. In the event that a customer changes his/her personal data using the forms available on the site, all existing orders at that time retain the data defined/accepted by the CLIENT before the time of modification, using for delivery and contact, the newly modified data accordingly.

3.9. A placed order may be cancelled before sending it, in writing, by sending an email on office@cristherart.com, stating clearly the cancellation and order number.

3.10. At any order placed the CLIENT is obliged to verify and accept the contractual framework.

4.1 Customers can place customized orders by contacting us at office@cristherart.com email. Custom orders will be subject to a separate contract, which will then be negotiated.

5.1. HERSE DECO S.R.L. complies with the warranty provisions according to the Romanian legislation in force and offers for individuals a 2-year warranty, calculated from the date of delivery of the product. The warranty applies to normal conditions of use. If the furniture delivered by HERSE DECO S.R.L. is stored in improper rooms or is used outdoors, without this being stated in the product description, it loses its warranty. It is considered that the products are intended to be used, usually on the inside, in compliance with the operating conditions, within the relative humidity limits of air 50-70% and the temperature of 10-30 degrees Celsius.

5.2. At the request of the warranty it is necessary to present the defective product in the original package together with the related accessories, copy from the invoice and proof of payment. If the products are returned to HERSE DECO S.R.L. not accompanied by these documents, the products may be returned to the applicant/sender without HERSE DECO S.R.L. to settle the request for the grant of the guarantee, at the expense of the applicant, lifting them from the company's warehouse.

5.3. In case of repair or replacement of parts-components of the product, the warranty period of the products is not extended. When replacing a product with a new product, the latter benefits from the integral warranty period granted to the new product.

5.4. HERSE DECO S.R.L. will respond to the complaint within a maximum of 3 working days after receiving it. In order to resolve the complaint, HERSE DECO S.R.L. Can decide:
a) Rejection of the complaint;
b) The remediation of the goods complained at its expense;
c) Granting a discount;
d) Replacement of the goods or their return.

5.5. No complaint will be taken into account if the customer has intervened in any way on the product.

5.6. Where a warranty certificate is issued and the non-conformity is found during the warranty period, the repair must be ordered in compliance with OG 21/1992, Law 449/2003 and other legal provisions in force.

5.7. Complaints shall be forwarded to the address office@cristherart.com.

6.1 HERSE DECO SRL can assign and/or subcontract a third party for services related to the accomplishment of the order, informing the customer, without his consent being necessary it. HERSE DECO SRL will always be liable to the CLIENT for all contractual obligations.

7.1 Neither party shall be liable for the non-execution of its contractual obligations, if such non-execution is due to a force majeure event, in accordance with the legislation in force.


8.1. This document will be interpreted in accordance with the Romanian legislation.

8.2. These conditions constitute the only probative legal instrument for resolving any disputes between the parties.

8.3. Any disputes arising between HERSE DECO S.R.L. and the CLIENT will be settled amicably or, if it is not possible, disputes will be resolved by the competent Romanian courts at the headquarter of HERSE DECO S.R.L..

8.4. If any of the provisions of these conditions is or becomes void, the other provisions remain valid. Any provision void will be substituted with a similar provision for the purpose of those shown above.

9.1. The CLIENT-the natural person has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract at a distance within 14 working days, without penalty and without invoking any reason.

9.2. The only costs that may be borne by the customer are the direct costs of returning the products.

9.3. This article is completed with those written in the return section.

Any attempt to access the personal data of another USER or to modify the content of the site www.cristherart.com or to affect the performance of the server on which the website runs will be considered an attempt to defraud the Site and will have as consequence the lodging of a criminal complaint.

1. HERSE DECO S.R.L. does not require its CLIENTS or USERS by any means of communication (E-mail/telephone/SMS/etc.) information regarding confidential data, bank accounts/cards or personal passwords.

2. HERSE DECO S.R.L. disclaims any liability, in the event that a USER/ would be/is prejudiced in any form by a third party who would claim to be/represent the interests of HERSE DECO S.R.L..

3. The CUSTOMER or USER shall inform HERSE DECO S.R.L. of such attempts using the contact details.

4. HERSE DECO S.R.L. does not promote SPAM. Any USER/CLIENT who explicitly provided his or her email address on the site may choose to deactivate the customer account for this email address.

1. HERSE DECO S.R.L. reserves the right to be able to make any changes to these provisions, as well as any modifications to the site/its structure/service as well as any content without prior notice to the user or customer.

2. Within the TERMS AND CONDITIONS, HERSE DECO S.R.L. shall not be liable for any errors appearing on the SITE from any cause, including due to modifications, settings, etc., which are not made by the SITE administrator.

3. HERSE DECO S.R.L. reserves the right to place advertising banners of any nature and/or links on any page of the site, in compliance with the legislation in force.