About Artist

Cristian Hermeziu is imposing in the arts world through the symbolism, intensity, complexity and uniqueness of its own style, refined in years of searching, finding, abandoning and retrieval.

Throughout his career, he has painted hundreds of paintings that are now in private collections. In love with the abstract symbolism of Byzantine art, Cristian studied church painting in the Faculty of Theology in Iasi and soon he was entrusted with painting of icons as well as works of interior painting.

The experience of the six years in which he painted the interiors of four Orthodox churches as well as hundreds of icons is found today in the abstract lines and the innovative technique of the artist Cristian Hermeziu. Cristian had an interesting journey as an artist, he began by being a painter, but the colours were not enough to express his experiences and inner world.

The love for wood and the innovative way to work with different materials were decisive for Cristian, helping him develop a new technique to make his paintings come alive. Thus, he created his seductive and sophisticated mural sculptures.

The way the artist shapes and paints the wood gives the viewer a wonderful illusion that the wood is no longer solid, that it flows. The shapes are fluid, blend and merge, revealing the mystery of a legend trapped in a symbol.

The abstract lines and the perfectly harmonised colours of Cristian's creations transform his sculptures into paintings that can be admired on the wall. The mural sculptures created by Cristian become the central piece in the space they are located in. The artist's original technique gives his paintings a 3d effect, making them come to life.

The way the artist shapes and paints wood gives the viewer a wonderful fluid illusion that creates dependency. Cristian loves to work in wood because of the heat and the way it can be shaped.

Cristian has always been fascinated by traditional working techniques, with hand tools, without using any machines or equipment. Now, this is not entirely possible, but always the finish is done manually.

The artist Cristian Hermeziu transmits his experiences through every piece of art: he leaves the creative flow to fill the wood and resonate with art lovers.

Florin Marksteiner,
"From the first moment since his work touched my retina, it didn't stop there, it went deep into my mind and my spirit. The forms and the merging of materials give me the same feeling that Apple conquers the world: an endless pleasure to look and touch. This is a rare thing in the world of contemporary Arts. I feel how Cristher conveys a part of his being in every piece that he creates, as the Romanian tradition continues, the artistic spirit of generations penetrating and gleams from the old Thracian times, passing through Brancusi and Apostu, Luchian and Grigorescu, and reaching out to us in shape and colour, as the Romanian spirit has continuity through its art. And that's why I feel proud to be Romanian.

CEO Photobooking
"What happens when the carpentry crafts merges with sculpture and painting? When the Byzantine lines meet with the Brancusi shapes and the symbols are hidden in the core of the paper? You can't confuse him! The Cristher works immerse themselves in the fairytale, in the ancient tales of the smiths. Viewed and unveiled, Cristher shapes Spirit and the brushed colours are emanations of energy. The attentive, nailed eye can spread the fog that abounds with the contemporary logos and endowed with prowess, you can figure in Cristher, an antithetic eternity: Folded and Untouched, Beginning and Unbroken, Good and Evil, Light and Darkness, a symbiosis of the before listed. Moreover, from the balance of forces one can distinguish an amalgam in the form of a symbol embrace. It is as if the breezing air crushes the chisel and the brush is patting the shapes barely born from the bohemian thought of dreams. By colours, Earth and Sun, the brown of the clay, the unconcealed solar ochre, the sky in a heavenly blue, the Water and the Fire together, pamper the soul open through the eyes.

Mihai Geliman,
"Many years ago, being a young mechanical engineer, my first job was in the field of wood processing. Eager to learn, I was paying attention to what my factory was producing. Time passed and the chance brought me face to face with the works of the artist Cristian Hermeziu. As usual with what we once did, I realized that what I was seeing was completely... otherwise: A personal style that combines in a special aesthetic and distinct the Brancusian shapes with the colours of the Bucovina monasteries. Indeed, when you see the works, you will probably have a "flash" with Miss Pogany and the facades of Moldovita, Humor, (Ochre, brown – redhead) and Voronet(blue). Later I visited his workshop, I watched his work and saw the objects come out slowly, after repeated and lengthy polishing of the edges and after the precise and durable realization of the joints. Then the colours – in thick layer, with a strong effect on the viewer – or "aqueous", in order to be able to look under the game of wood vines. I noticed him working: at the drawing table, inventing with skill shapes, overlays that will create future lighting games – shadows, and thinking of colour applications in the gradient and in inclusions; Among the machines and waves of sawdust, very attentive to detail, preoccupied, safe, constant in motions and shaping the pink beech wood, the noble oak or the warm and modest wood of the FIR, building his own style. Due to his unique design and high quality, his furniture can "dress" private homes or corporate spaces, restaurants, theatres, hotels or holiday homes because the artist knows to be flamboyant or austere, emphasized or subtle, or he can combine all of this into a new manner. I am now an independent company owner, I admire Cristian Hermeziu's courage to take his fate in his own hands (literally!) and to demonstrate all that he can, without forbiddance. That means self-confidence, trust in his mind and in his hands, the awareness of fortune to have more talent than others and not to let lose himself. An original and very meticulous creator who deserves to be discovered.

Works from the artist's portfolio

“The Living Fire” - hallstand

“The Tree of Life”- bench and hallstand set

"Dance" -wall sculptre

"Fire's game" - hallstand

„Looking Back” - hallstand

“Embrace” - wall sculpture

"Hermes II" -wall sculptre

"The Androgyne" -wall sculptre

“The Eye of Fire” - wall sculpture